Costume Methodologies

The main objective of the Costume Methodologies project is to establish a firm methodological strategy to investigate the creation, production and function of costume in all areas of the performing arts – theatre, opera, dance and other stage- or site-specific live performance – as well as in film, television and other camera- and media-based creative projects involving costume. The project includes collaboration with major national and international institutions and researchers related to costume in live performance or film. The results of the project – research guidelines, specific methodological tools, and future researcher training – will be peer-reviewed during international artistic and research events such as Critical Costume 2015 to be held in Aalto in March 2015, and World Stage Design 2017.

Costume Research Seminar: Thinking Costume

Thinking Costume is a two-day research seminar that brings together a multidisciplinary group of researchers and practitioners working on costume-related and costume-led research projects. The seminar aims to offer peer-support for doctoral (PhD) candidates, MFA students working on their research thesis and early career researchers and academics, including post-doctoral researchers  conducting research in the field of costume or in related artistic fields involving dress and performance in theatre, film and media. The seminar focuses on the development of their research work and theses by inviting participants to think about and through costume. Specifically, the seminar provides peer tutoring, feedback and a forum for dialogue and exchange of ideas. It aims to establish a networking practice for sharing the latest news, trends and enquiries in costume research, generating opportunities for future research collaborations, and offering critical feedback by international and distinguished peers.

Costume and Research in Finland

Costume Design as an essential artistic component of the performing and screen arts has only recently become the object of academic research, not only in Finland but also internationally. Costume in Focus’ primary goal for 2014 was to make costume design a visible research area introducing it to the wider research community as a dynamically developing academic field in Finland, by organizing national-level Seminars on Costume Design and related fields. The aim of the first National-level Research Seminar on Costume Design and related fields, held in November 2014, was to offer a forum for dialogue and exchange of ideas in the field, open for all researchers in Finland who examine costume or related areas of study. 11 researchers from Aalto University, Helsinki University, and University of Lapland, as well as independent researchers, presented their work.