Costume and Research in Finland

Costume and Research in Finland, 2019

Following four successful events (2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018), Costume and Research in Finland is organized for the fifth time by the Costume in Focus (CiF) research group.

Monday 15 April 2019
9:15 – 17:30
Room F101, Väre building, Otaniementie 14
Aalto University, Otaniemi campus (Aalto University metro station, exit: Otaniementie)

Detailed schedule: Costume_&Research_in_Finland_2019_Schedule

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Costume and Research in Finland is the main platform for presenting research on costume and related fields and for meeting local researchers interested in this area. This national-level research seminar brings together a multidisciplinary group of practitioners and researchers based in Finland. It offers peer-support for all doctoral candidates, early career researchers and academics conducting research in the field of costume or in related artistic fields involving dress and performance in a broader sense at the intersection of fashion and textiles with theatre, film and media.

Costume in Focus‘ primary goal is to continue supporting and promoting costume research as a continuously emancipating scholarly research field, while also connecting the costume research community on a national and international level.

The aim of the Costume and Research in Finland seminar is to offer a forum for dialogue and exchange of ideas in the field. The event is open to all researchers based in Finland who examine costume practice and theory, or related areas of study, by:

  • inviting them to present current and ongoing research work in the field of costume;
  • continually mapping new individuals involved in costume research nationally and inviting all professionals to join the discussions, jointly building a community with common interests;
  • offering constructive feedback with a positive critical approach by local and international peers;
  • maintaining a network of costume professionals, practitioners and researchers in Finland;
  • nurturing future research collaborations.